Friday, January 21, 2011

Blog Makeover

Okay, people, do you just love it?  The new blog look, I mean.  I adore it.  I just have to brag on my designer, Sharon from Plumrose Lane.

I have been having blog problems for quite some time that I didn't know how to fix.  Stuff on my sidebar was not showing up.  Header all lopsided.  And no one I knew could help me.  So, I contacted Sharon and started all over.  She fixed my kooky sidebar and she came up with a blog theme that I just adore.  I mean, it had to have daffodils, of course.  But the keys, crowns, vintage sheet music, basically all the things I like and have meaning to me -- she managed to put them all together and create something that is SO me.  And for a VERY reasonable fee.  She was also extremely pleasant to work with and so very timely.  No moss grows under her feet!  I cannot recommend her highly enough!

THEN, my husband saw her great work and wondered if she could do the same creative and intuitive work for him.  She could.  She did.  Pop over to Prosperous and Successful and gawk at how gorgeous it all is!  Well, I don't know if Gabe would like the word "gorgeous", but it is!

And if you'd like, go ahead and grab my blog button over there on the right side and display it on your blog.  Even if you couldn't care less about promoting my blog, it is such a pretty piece of art!  Prosperous and Successful has a button, too.  I'm sure he wouldn't mind a bit if you grabbed that button, too!

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  1. Love your new blog! It's just sooooo pretty! Makes me think spring is coming soon!

  2. Very very pretty Dorothy! Isn't it fun to have one's blog all decorated and arranged just so?

  3. I'm so delighted you and Gabe are happy with your themes. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you both and trust me ~ I'm the lucky one for having such fabulous customers!

  4. I put a link up on my (new) blog, using the badge you've provided here, Dorothy. I love the new design. To have things changed feels like we just spring cleaned, doesn't it. :-)


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