Friday, November 6, 2009

My White Shelf

I really like this shelf in the dining area. My dining room and family room is actually one big room. The family room part has a lot of black. Black furniture, black frames, black accessories. So this all white shelf stands apart. And I like looking at it.

Of course, right now it looks a little bit different than usual, though I'm not sure what "usual" is because I'm always changing things around. But, the white turkey platter is a seasonal addition. There's a silver platter peeking out from behind it which is usually the backdrop.

These little birds were a souvenier gift to my mother from my brother from his eighth grade Spanish class's trip to Mexico.

Both soup tureens were gifts from my aunt to my mother. But, they're also in "my" possession now! The double candle holder was a Christmas gift from my mother one year.

Two of the milk glass vases I found while yard sale-ing last weekend. They were marked 10 cents each, but I got them for free!

The fact that the seasonally-colored candles happen to exactly match the little rose from our yard is purely coincidental. But, that coincidence brings a smile to my face each time I look at them.


  1. That's a very lovely decorative touch!! You have a knack for it!

  2. Yes, that really does look pretty.

  3. I did not know the story behind the little blue and white birds. I only know that they have always been at Grandma's house. Now that I know the story, as SK would say, "I claim those when you die."



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