Saturday, November 7, 2009

For the Love of Speed!

This was my wristband today. At the Buttonwillow Raceway Park. And it wasn't my entrance pass.....

We went to the Raceway as a gift to Diego for his 4th birthday. The kids had a fun time, but I think the adults had a better time......

Diego loves the movie, "Cars". He just recently found out that races were for real! He happened to see NASCAR on television and almost went in shock! He's thrilled that people do this for real!

Look real close and you can see Diego (and Sarah-Kate).

We were walking around, saw this car, and met its driver. He's the chaplain of the raceway. Says he has the fastest pulpit in the west!

He let Diego sit in his car. Fun!

Aaron Schwartzbart, the chaplain, and Gabe.

Sarah made us a wonderful picnic!

Then the real fun began! The wonderful chaplain offered us the opportunity to ride as passengers in a real race! Which is why I needed a wristband!

Gabe in a BMW.

Me in a beautiful black Corvette -- one of the fastest cars out there!

I told my driver, Joe, that I had wanted to be a race car driver when I was about 16. I said but then I became sane. He laughed and said that he now has his insanity back and that is why he was out there!

The race lasted about 25 minutes and the track had lots of curves and hills. We got up to about 130 mph! Which seemed really fast on that type of track! And with cars all around you!

He said I was a great passenger and that I could ride with him anytime! He, of course, doesn't know that I felt naseous for the next several hours! LOL

A spontaneous adventure that actually would have made a great "bucket list" item! If I had one of those.


  1. Sounds like fun; wish we could have been there!

  2. Look at you go, blogger girl... blogging on the day of... :-)

  3. Smiled at the 'fastest pulpit'!! Love speed myself and on long, boring, straight stretches of highway, with no other cars in sight for miles, I suddenly found myself doing up to speeds of 130-140! Just listening to music, totally relaxing, enjoying the trip, I honestly didn't realize how fast I was going because there was no one to compare myself to! It didn't even feel that fast! I prefer to be at the controls though, rather than allowing someone else to drive. If something would happen I would have no one else to blame, except me LOL.

    My grands love CARS too!!

  4. WHAT FUN!!!!!!! These are going to be great memories for everyone! I can see Diego talking about it for years!

  5. Hello Loved Ones,

    You are too kind!!!

    Dorothy; you, Gabe and family were wonderful to hang with at the track.

    I encourage you and any others on this blog to come visit us anytime.

    With a little advanced planning, you may end up behind the wheel next time!

    God be with you.

    Aaron Schwartzbart


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