Monday, September 8, 2008

Pay It Forward, Part 2

Back in August, I joined a fun "game" here in blog land. It's called Pay It Forward. It boils down to: I get a gift, I send out three. I sent out my first gift a few days ago. I'll show you that in a later post. Don't want to spoil the surprise!
Last Friday, I received my gift. I was so excited when I saw Bonnie's name on a package when the mail arrived. I couldn't get the package open fast enough. Oh! My gift is fabulous! It is one of Bonnie's beautiful apron creations! Here's my gorgeous apron being modeled by Sarah-Kate. Thanksgiving-themed toile! How great is that combination?!
The apron is feminine with side bows and a ruffle. It is lined (!) and so practical as it covers in the front completely. And did I mention that it is Thanksgiving toile?
Visit Bonnie at her blog, Calamity Jane's Cottage, and her online shop and check out some more of her aprons! She also has many other categories of wonderful items to browse through. So, go enjoy!


  1. That is really a nice apron. I don't wear aprons but I have been seeing alot around that I like so I may have to start.

  2. thanks for visiting my blog today!

  3. Lady Dorothy,
    Thank you....
    I received my "Pay It Forward" gift from you, a few days ago. Our mailman had put it in our mailbox from the back, but it wouldn't come out the front side of the box because of an edge on the front. It was pure torture knowing I had what I was sure was an awesome gift from you waiting for me in our mailbox and not being able to get it out! It took us several days to finally "catch" the mailman and have him remove it from the back side of the box. I was so excited, I couldn't wait to open it. It was very lovely indeed and in my colors, Purple & Gold. It is hanging on my wall and will be cherished forever! I was surprised to find you had not only sent 1 gift but 3!!!!! How very gracious of you. Thank you so very much for your thoughtfulness.

    In Jesus Name
    Be Blessed
    Rev Dr Robin Roseberry


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