Friday, September 26, 2008

My Own Personal Designer!

Last Monday (only 4 days ago!) on Vintage Indie, a wonderful opportunity was given to send in our designing delimnas. I got excited when I read:

"Do you need a little direction on how to make everything work for you?
Vintage Indie's Design & Style editor Jerusalem Greer is here to help!

"Jerusalem owns her own business Storia Di Vita where they
specialize in home styling, custom painting, sewing, holiday decorating
and more. She comes fully experienced and ready to help."

I quickly sent in my request -- a design problem that has been bugging me for 12 years! And guess what? I was the first one to get some help! Jerusalem answered my question today on Vintage Indie! And she gave some great tips and advice! I'm really liking the shutter idea -- if they come that narrow! I am really getting motivated about finally treating those windows! Thank you, Vintage Indie and Jerusalem!

Go on over and read my question and her answer. If you want, give me your thoughts. And then send in your design or decorating question!


  1. Is that a smiley face on your little window?

  2. Hi Dorothy, it's so nice to have someone look through their eyes and see what could be done.
    Thanks for the movie review, I want to see this one. I've heard how great it is and there isn't to many of them.

  3. That is SO great! I can't wait to see you do it! It's going to look so nice!

  4. How fun is that? I've had Kari and Kijsa (the Inpspired Room) answer a few of my questions in the past, and it really is helpful! I'm a designer, but even I get stumped sometimes! ;)

    Hope you get to apply what she suggested---that's the most fun of all!

    Thanks for stopping in again today :)!


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