Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Golden Birthday

I was born in '54 and turned 54 today.
It was a very casual, relaxed, do-nothing day
and I enjoyed every moment of it!
I received an abundance of cards.
And some very nice gifts.
Grandma brought home dinner from Panda Express for all of us.
The Correas brought cake (chocolate, of course) and ice cream.

Diego instructed me on how Mommy would put a "chandle" on there

and then put fire on it!

The man of my dreams.

After dinner, we went swimming and then played Sequence.
Yes, it was a very good day.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! How special! :)

  2. Happy Birthday!

    Thanks for dropping by and entering my book draw! Good luck.

    I love the game Sequence. Our extended family had a big year long tournament with it where anytime any group of us were together we'd play. It was guys against the girls and we kept track of how many games were won by each group. For a whole year! LOL. It was lots of fun!

  3. Happy Birthday! My sister celebrated her birthday on the same day as you!


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