Monday, May 12, 2008

My Mother's Day (and Gifts)

Gabe and Joel cooked lunch for all of us after church. And Sarah-Kate preached. At church, not at lunch!

Lunch was great! Grilled steak on the Santa Maria-style barbecue pit, baked potatoes and roasted garlic and onions in the gas grill, Caesar salad, and garlic sourdough bread. We had dessert much later -- Chocolate silk pie (Claim Jumper's frozen) and/or brownies with vanilla ice cream. Sorry, no pictures. I keep forgetting to document my life!

The sermon was also great! This is a rarity that she preaches, but she should do it more often as she does a very good job. You can eventually (as soon as they post it) watch it here: Or download it here: She dedicated the sermon to me and her sons. When speaking about me, she said something like, "My mother isn't perfect, but she'd like to be." I almost laughed out loud! That really does describe me!

I got some wonderful gifts! You know how I love gifts! The first one I received several weeks ago, but can't use until June 2. Josh and Serena sent me a ticket voucher to visit them in Colorado! WooHoo! I'm getting so excited!
The Gombojav children made me some "ShrinkyDink" earrings. I wore the unusual, I mean, adorable heart ones that Meg made me to church. Along with a bunch of other Mother's Day jewelry I have received over the years. Not all of it, of course, just some of it!
(I stand corrected: Lucas made me the heart earrings. Meg made me another pair -- lavender ones with "Mom" written on them. Pretty nicely shaped hearts for a four-year-old, aren't they?)
My husband gave me a pretty crown pin. I really like crowns. For a couple of reasons. One, as a visual reminder of my Fascinating Womanhood and secondly, because I am, most definitely, the queen of this home! And queens, of course, need a variety of crowns!
The Correas gave me a couple of wall-hangings.
Sarah said that one was mostly from her. Touched my heart.
I think I'll hang this one above or next to my closet!
And the church body gave me some beautiful flowers! I really do so love gifts!

But mostly, I absolutely love my family! Thank you, Josh, Daja, Sarah, Gana, Serena, Meg, Jael, Israel, Joel, Lucas, Abishai, Caesar, Ezekiel, Diego, Ihbeleg, Levi, and Donovan for giving me the privilege for being Mom and Nana! (in the order that they became a part of my family)

All in all, it was a very good day. I wonder if wearing those gold stilettos had anything to do with it!


  1. CUTE!

    btw, LUC made you the heart earrings. Meg made the other ones that say "Mom".

  2. Oh, I'm sorry! I added a correction!


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