Friday, February 29, 2008

Phony Food

I like to buy in bulk when it saves money.

For example, I buy the big jug of vinegar. I keep a small bottle of vinegar in the reachable cupboard and the jug up high. I refill the small jar from the jug. But, someone (not blaming anyone, but I *think* it was the birthday boy) used the vinegar in the small bottle and threw it away. So, we had to get a new one. All boring information, I know, but you have to know every little detail of my story to understand!

Anyway, my mother bought groceries with the list that listed both the large and small containers. She came home with this little bottle.

So, all's fine with that. BUT, this was the jug.

Did you notice? It isn't apple cider vinegar. It is apple cider FLAVORED vinegar! Sure enough, the ingredient label lists distilled vinegar with flavoring added.

Does EVERYTHING we eat have to be fake? It's VINEGAR, for goodness sake!


  1. That's disgusting.

    I bought some Armenian apple cider vinegar. When I opened it the smell of apples was so strong. It was good vinegar. I was impressed. But the ghetto mart changed owners and now doesn't carry the Armenian products. Bummer.

  2. Yikes, who knew you could buy fake vinegar...thats ridiculous!


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