Saturday, December 29, 2007

60's Retro Christmas Party 2007

It has been a tradition around here for me to throw a Christmas party as my gift to our church. This year the theme was Retro with a 1960's emphasis. Fun, fun, fun! In order to do it properly, there just has to be an aluminum tree with a color wheel!
I asked people to feel free to come in their best vintage 1960's costume. It wasn't a contest, BUT if it had been, I think Serena would have won as Jackie!
Diego would have been a close second! His mommy reconstructed this from a thrifted adult t-shirt. Pretty clever.

Best dressed family?

Here's my attempt -- complete with Twiggy lashes and white lipstick.

Serena, me, Leona

I bought these flowers for Levi's dedication. They were a beautiful addition to the decor. They are still pretty four weeks later from original purchase!

The traditional -- and top secret recipe -- Taco Soup was served. Dessert (forgot to snap a picture of it) was bowls full of 1960's candy -- red wax lips, Zots, Goobers, Lemonheads, to name only a few -- and root beer floats.
1960's album covers decorated the table and served as chargers.

After dinner and before dessert, each person was randomly assigned a number. Each number had an activity attached. Here we have someone learning the Macarena.

A live nativity scene -- with an actress even playing the star!
After dessert, we opened presents -- under $5 vintage exchange game. I happily ended up with a small 1943 children's book, Pillowtime Tales. Fantastic.
I'm pretty sure a good time was had by all!


  1. That's so great!
    Looks like a FUN time!

    Serena looks GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

  2. Those are great pictures! What a great theme!

    Happy New Year!


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