Saturday, November 24, 2007

Eight Random Things About My Kitchen

Over a month ago, Daja over at In Other Words tagged me for this meme. Better late than never, I'm supposing, Daja?

So, here's eight random things about my kitchen:

1. My husband and I painted all the cupboards white last year. The plan was to buy green glass knobs. I still have not done so.

2. I have two drawers for tableware (forks, knives, spoons). I have two different sets. I’d like to find an organizer big enough for all of them. That way I could free up a drawer.

3. I have oodles of cupboard space. Four walls worth. It is all used up. It is also often very crowded. But, it is organized!

4. Because I have oodles of cupboard space, I don’t have any wall space. So, I don’t have wall space to decorate. :-(

5. Though I have oodles of cupboard space, I have no room for a table. I love having a kitchen table. :-(

6. I have my spices separated into my “sweet” spices (which are located in the “baking area”) and savory spices (which are located to the left of my stove).

7. I have alphabet magnets all over my refrigerator. The grandchildren do play with them, but so does my mother!

8. My kitchen spills over into the laundry room where there is an extra refrigerator and BIG chest freezer and into an adjacent room where there is a huge pantry cupboard filled with appliances and such.

All in all, I do like my kitchen. Which is good, because I do spend a bit of time in there!

I tag Amy and TJ! Alright, girls! You're both it!


  1. About time!!! :-)

    Wasn't that fun?!

  2. Nothing on your grandson's dedication? You AND Daja... *:o(


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