Monday, November 5, 2007

Diego's 2nd Birthday!

Last Saturday was Diego's 2nd birthday -- the last birthday of the "three cousins". Israel and Caesar were blessed by friends to catch a ride up from Pasadena to spend the day. As is Papa's custom, whenever there are a bunch of grandchildren around, he gathers them up early in the morning and takes them for a doughnut run.
Walking through the alley from Diego's house to the doughnut shop.
Got milk?
Off to Diego's "Mono" themed party.
These three were born two years ago in a five and a half week period. They are standing in reverse order of age.

Mom, look how grown up I am eating with my plate in my lap!
Diego opened all his gifts with dramatic expressions of pure delight!


Our gift to Diego: A boy's bag! Good for books, dinosaurs, and a barrel of monos!

Papa trying to help!

Daddy and Mommy's gift? A big boy bed!

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