Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Quick trip to Pasadena

Gabe and I left for Pasadena immediately after church on Sunday to visit the Gombojav family. We arrived about 4:30 in the afternoon to be greeted by some excited children! Meg was busy making some very special cookies -- traffic light cookies -- just for us.

We did have to do some business (one of the reasons I went was to help with taxes), but we did spend the rest of the 25 1/2 hours playing and laughing. Papa (Gabe) actually stuck the Hummer in the van to surprise the kids. They had fun driving all around the church parking lot next door. Papa and Meg went out for doughnut run (a ritual for Papa and all the grandchildren) on Monday morning, Luc showed us his superman feats, Caesar warmed our hearts with his continuous smile, and Israel cried when we left.

Gana is doing very well with his studies. I am very proud of him and his diligence. Daja is glowing with motherhood!

Oh, I miss them all already! I must get down there more often!


  1. There are still three traffic lights left. We can save them for you if you want!

    Thanks for coming this weekend! I miss you already!


  2. Nana, I made those cookies for you! I love you!


  3. ISRAEL7:39 PM

    I LOVE Nana!

    Thank you for visiting! Thank you for spending the night! Thanks for having time with me.

    Hi Nana!

    Goodbye Nana!



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