Friday, October 29, 2010

They are ours!!

At ten o'clock this morning, we all met at the courthouse for the most wonderful reason I've ever been in a courtroom.  The adoption of our two newest grandchildren is now final! 

With the judge

We have waited for over fourteen months for this day.  We have not been able to post any pictures of them online all this time.  So, we've been saving up!  You may now see an abundance of pictures of two of the cutest kids in the world!  (There being thirteen others, you understand.)

Deonte (age 3) and Rhema's (age 2) parents are Joel and Sarah-Kate.  Their brothers are Diego (age 4, almost 5) and Donovan (age 2).  Rhema is eleven days younger than Donovan.  Yes, Joel and Sarah have their hands full!

(l to r:  Deonte, Rhema, Diego, Donovan)

All fifteen grandchildren!

Our entire family!

Our hearts are full.


  1. WOW! Congratulations to your whole wonderful family!

    How well I remember our own finalization days... nothing else like it♥

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!! Rejoicing with you that your quiver is so full with such treasures! What a blessing!

  3. Anonymous6:50 PM

    What a beautiful, beautiful family!

  4. Yes Lady Dorothy, congratulations. What a beautiful family. I too remember fondly going to court for my two sons. Blessings on all of you.
    Dorothy in AZ

  5. That last picture made me tear up! Congrats to you all!

  6. Meg Peg1:55 PM

    Congratulations TiTi and Tio!

    Love you everybody!


  7. Absolutely positively wonderful news, Dorothy. Congratulations on the "official" addition of two new beautiful grandchildren to your family. What lucky children they are... what a lucky family you all are. No, not "lucky"... more like "blessed". Yes, definitely & undeniably blessed beyond measure. I'm so happy for all of you.

    Love~ Andrea

  8. Beautiful, beautiful children and family. How wonderful.

  9. Somehow I ended up on this post from two years ago :-) but I just wanted to say you have a BEAUTIFUL family! God bless you all!


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