Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's the itty bitty things that add up in life.

Most of us are dreaming, wishing, praying for something to happen. A clean house, a new house, a new direction in life, a ministry to be birthed, getting out of debt, losing weight, toned abs, something. And as fervently as we pray, or as tight as we squeeze our eyes while wishing, it doesn’t happen. We’re hoping for the lightening from heaven, the miracle, the lottery win. Odds are that none of that will happen.

But life can change. It does change. It will change. Only it will be one step at a time. Not giant steps. Not even regular steps. Baby steps. When you drive a car at night, you never see further than your headlights. However, you can make your whole trip that way. Progress is not made by huge leaps toward success, but by baby steps.

Life is made up of choices. When you choose A, you cannot choose B. If you choose B, then you are closing the door to A. You cannot have both. You want to be debt-free? You want financial freedom? Then you will need to make a decision over every penny that lands in your pocket. You must choose if a) that penny will go towards paying off a bill or b) go towards that candy bar or that wonderful sale item you found while shopping. If you choose A, then you cannot have B. If you choose B, you cannot have A. Which one do you want more? Which one will benefit you more? Which one will get you to your goal? Ah, but it’s only a penny you say. Yes, but it is the little foxes that spoil the vine (Song of Solomon 2:15). It is not the great big decisions, the giant steps, in life where we usually stumble; it is in the small little choices.

Every choice we make will either bring us closer to our goal or further away from it.

It truly is the itty bitty things that add up in life.


  1. I desperately needed to hear/read this message today, Dorothy. Thank you for putting your thoughts into words here in this blog entry!

    Have a wonderful day!!

    Love~ Andrea

  2. LIKE!!!

    Oh, wait, this isn't FB. I can't click LIKE! Oh wait, isn't it FB that eats away my time little-by-little......

    Stop meddling, LD!


  3. Dorothy hon, you are speaking to me in this post. I have been praying praying praying about some certain things, and received almost this exact answer yesterday. What a confirmation♥

    This post is definitely a God thing. Definitely.

  4. I'll be using this soon as an evening devotional for two sweet little grands who will be staying with us this week. Little life lessons! Thanks!

  5. Oh I loved this post! Often I think that my life is not changing as fast as I would like to to. Then I look back over the past 5 years and am just amazed. Our pastor spoke of patience on Sunday. Yes. I will wait on the Lord.

  6. What a good post! I totally agree and I wish more people realized that you can't have both ways!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's really nice to "meet" you!


  7. Awesome...confirmation of my walk with the Lord this well said and my spirit heard!!! Thanks so much for sharing...I am wanting some major changes!


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