Friday, April 17, 2009


Bobeche: n. A usually crystal collar on a candle socket
used to catch drippings or to hold suspended pendants.

Blogland is truly an amazing place. Before stalking decorating blogs, I didn't know what a bobeche was. Now I own some!

I really wasn't even in the bobeche market. But, one day I saw a link on a My Romantic Home for bobeches. I followed it to an Ebay store, Shoppe By Colour, and found the perfect color for my kitchen! I've always called it "Coke bottle green", but Kristen (the shop owner) called it "Vaseline green". (I've now seen it called that in more places.) So, being the perfect color and all, I just had to buy two! I love 'em!

If you scroll down to the post below this, you can see them on my completed Easter table. But, here is one in the process.

They are now on my kitchen counter looking all fancy. Standing guard on both sides of my blooming daffodils.


  1. Those are very pretty bobeche. What an interesting color. This is your time of year with all the daffodils blooming! I've got a pot of them on my table and I love them!

  2. That looks beautiful!! Thanks for the link back to my post!

  3. Anonymous11:37 AM

    I have never heard the name of those before. That is STUNNING!
    I want one so badly now!! In pink, brown and edged in gold. LOL
    Thanks for the share - that is lovely!

  4. VERY NICE! Thanks for the vocabulary lesson.

  5. I WANT ONE!!!!!!! I love this color, very very pretty!

  6. I need two or four bobeches to use on the dining table.

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