Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Our St. Patrick's Day Menu

One of the perks of planning holiday menus is that of inspiration. Some days it's really a task to come up with something interesting for dinner. So, I take advantage of all holidays -- big and small.

Holidays also are a big help in setting the table. It can be fun to come up with something new. However, this evening my table wasn't planned ahead. I just starting setting it with what I saw as I opened up the cupboards. I used a green tablecloth, (Wow, isn't that a unique idea!) and went from there. The China I used is called "Amsterdam", so it wasn't really Irish, but it is green!

Our menu started with Irish Beef Stew, a recipe from Fidel Murphy's Irish Pub, Grand Cayman, as published in Bon Appetit in March 2001. A couple of years ago, I went searching for a new St. Patrick's Day entree. I don't really care for corned beef and my mother doesn't like lamb stew. So, I was happy to find this recipe. It's very good, but more like a soup than a stew.

Of course, we had Irish Soda Bread. We love this recipe. My husband doesn't care for caraway seeds and I don't like raisins in anything (by themselves, they are fine), so we leave both out. Fantastic warm with melting butter.
And for dessert, Mint Chocolate Cake. Very much a winner. Tastes like an Andes Mint! And so pretty, too.

So, that's what we ate tonight. What did you have?


  1. Corn beef,cabbage, carrots and Irish Soda Bread.

    btw, I see your napkins are on the right hand side of the place setting.

  2. Oh we had wonderful Irish fare. I think your cake looked better than mine~YUMMY!

  3. Sarah-Kate*9:20 AM

    Corn beef, fried cabbage, potatoes, peas, and limeade. And for dessert Irish Tea Cake. (What happened, mom?) We used green glasses and cups, and my real Irish linen from my girlfriend in Ireland.

  4. LOL! Some habits are hard to break.

    I didn't even THINK about setting it formally. I just aitomatically put all utensils on the right -- and on top of the napkin. Which is fine for informal dinners, I think..... :-)

  5. We had Sonic hamburgers...very unfestive. I made green chile verde for a friend's dinner, which Josh enjoyed....once he came home at 9:30 pm. The kids were very disappointed, not to have their "green dinner!" That's what happens when Awanas is on St. Patrick's Day.

    LOOKS yummy....

  6. I NEED to make that cake:) YUMMMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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