Friday, January 10, 2014


Lisa-Jo Baker challenges us every Friday to write. Just write.  No editing, no over-thinking, no backtracking (that's the hardest one for me - no backtracking!).  For five minutes - and no more - with her prompt.  Today's prompt is "SEE".  I will be linking this post over there.

“Prepare your shields, both large and small,
    and march out for battle!
Harness the horses,
    mount the steeds!
Take your positions
    with helmets on!
Polish your spears,
    put on your armor!
What do I see?
    They are terrified,
they are retreating,
    their warriors are defeated.
They flee in haste
    without looking back,
    and there is terror on every side,”
declares the Lord.
             Jeremiah 46:3-5


This has been a favorite Scripture passage since a man in our church years ago put it to music.  A fight song.

It speaks to me of the importance of preparation -- of both the large and small things.  When one is prepared, he can be a fearsome adversary.  And he may not even have to fight!  The enemy sees him and is terrified!

I see this even in the every day tasks and chores.  The big and small ones.

When we prepare ourselves, the "enemies" -- you know, those things that seem to get in our way and trip us up -- even them -- see us, and retreat!  They know that we can beat them.  That those tasks, chores, and whatnot will disappear when faced with our preparedness.

Ah, but that preparedness takes work, too. Polishing, harnessing, dressing.


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  1. Anonymous10:13 PM

    I like the linking of the scripture passage with a writing on see to create an interesting way to use the prompt. We all need a daily "fight" song to help us be prepared.

  2. This is so good, and so true--as I've found in a few of my fellow 5MFers today, seeing is great, but there's more: really taking note, taking action--and, as you say, preparing. Love it. Thanks for writing!

  3. How important to wear all the protective gear! Enjoyed this!


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