Sunday, January 31, 2010

Saraa Turns One!

It doesn't seem like it could be, but little Saraa turned one a few weeks ago! 

We celebrate first birthdays in a big way in this family.  Daja gave her a western themed party that was a heapin' bunch of fun. 

Saraa's name means "moon" in Mongolian, so the themed music was "Buffalo Gals" because of the last line in the chorus:

Buffalo Gals, won't you come out tonight,
Come out tonight, come out tonight.
Buffalo Gals, won't you come out tonight,
And dance by the light of the moon.

Most of us came dressed in at least a bit of western duds. 

Daja served chili, cornbread, cole slaw, and potato salad on the cutest red, white, and blue table.

Sarah-Kate taught the kids a little dance which they had a hilarious time learning and performing.  And the parents thought it was just as funny.  Plus a whole lot of cuteness.

All the children got plenty dirty.  Which equates to a good time, right?

Saraa wondered exactly what was she supposed to do with this pretty rose cake with a horsey on top.


Ah, she figured it out!

I thought the placement of the gift table just made the prettiest little picture.

We (Papa and Nana) gave her two very special dolls, Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy.  She loved them!

One of the most special parts of the birthday celebration was Saraa being blessed by Jael, her godmother.  Of course, there were tears.  Jael takes the honor of being Saraa's godmother very seriously, as you could hear in the love she put into her blessing.

Every party is eventually over.....

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Eve Blue Moon and Yes

The moon and sky were amazingly beautiful -- or beautifully amazing -- when we left for church on New Year's Eve.  Gabe stopped to take pictures. 

I'm sitting here this evening thinking about the New Year and what I want from it.  I just love a clean slate, don't you?  I know we actually have one every day as God's mercies are new every morning (Lamentations 3:22-23), but the fact that this is a new year in a new decade seems more grand. 

After reading this blog post, I have been meditating on "Yes".   There are so many questions every day that we just automatically say no to.  It's easier.  Not as much effort.  We're too busy with our busyness.  We're involved in our own things.  Our child asks, "Will you sit and read to me?"  Our husband asks, "Will you sit and talk to me?"  Our Lord asks, "Will you sit and just be with Me awhile?"  

Oh, we don't usually blurt out, "No."  We usually say things like "in a little bit", "maybe later", "I'd love to, but...."  But, after hearing "No" over and over, they usually stop asking.  And we are off the hook.

But, aren't we missing out on life itself with all of our no's? 

I think this will be my year of "Yes", too.  Yes, when it might not be as comfortable.  Yes, when it might be a little scary.  Yes, when it might take a bit of thought.  Yes, when it might make me stop awhile.  Yes, when others call.  Yes, when Jesus calls. 

And in all my thoughts about yes, the thought keeps coming that all those yeses might just make 2010 a bit more exciting, too! 

Living in the YES,

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