Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Wonder of Blogging

You know how you start out doing something for one reason and then suddenly you realize that reason has either completely changed or expanded into something way bigger than you ever thought?

Homeschooling was like that for me. We started homeschooling for one reason and ended up doing it for completely new reasons. New, expanded reasons. Reasons we could not have known in the beginning.

A few days (Or weeks. Time does fly by, you know.) ago, I realized that this was now the case of my blogging. I have a link on my sidebar that answers the question of why I started blogging. It's all still true and relevant. However, not once did I mention meeting new friends or finding a new friendship community, or learning a multitude of things from these new friends. I just didn't know that would, or even could, happen. Now I know differently.

And as it usually happens, someone else can say it better than I.

All my friends live in my computer.... was written by Jennifer P. who usually blogs at The Peterson's Go Public. I read it and said, "YES!" Go take a look. You'll like it.

Another Jennifer (lots of Jennifers out there. I guess that's why Jennifer P. adds the "P".) wrote this Blogger's Prayer. You can visit her at Dust Bunny Hostage. It made me laugh, but I also thought, "Maybe I should print it out and stick it in my Bible so that I can remember to pray it!"

"Lord, help me to learn to spell without spellcheck, manage to visit all
that visit me, and post regularly - all in 5 minutes a day, so that I can clean
house and take care of my family. Help me to not look at every occurrence in my
life as a blog post, and to quit taking pictures of weird things to share as
well. Please Lord, help me to stop talking about my blog friends as though they
are next door neighbors or someone I have known all of my life. And help me,
dear Lord, to think of something witty and wise to post tomorrow."

And with that, I say "Good night."

(Thank you, Sarah-Kate, for sending me the prayer!)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Putting It All In Order

I organized one (yes, one) of my utensil drawers. I did not take a before picture. Just imagine all that is in the organizer (and there is a second little layer there in the middle) just dumped out into the drawer. That's what it looked like. Utensils going every which way. I could usually find what I wanted with only a few seconds of rummaging through. Usually.

But, I've been on a mission for awhile now. A mission to get and stay organized. I get a little motivation and do real well, and then something happens and I slip a little. But, I'm back on the wagon!

My house is clean, almost always company ready, and looks nice; but only I (and family members) know that utensil drawers need help or that my husband's closet needs an overhaul!

Why am I on this mission?

Because my goal is to get organized so that I can work toward my mission in life!

Yes, I have a REAL mission -- or vision -- for my life. And it is NOT working forever to get organized! I need to be organized so that I have more time and less stress! My mission of putting everything in order is so that I can get on with the next step towards my vision!

Here is my vision for my life, drafted five years ago:

My desire is to live a life that is devoted to God and my family.

I see everything I do blessing God, others, or myself.

I see myself living a life that is not being directed by stress, worry, or urgency.

I see myself living life beautifully.

I see myself making life more pleasant for myself and others.

I see myself living an enhanced life.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dancing With the Stars

I have no idea why I like Dancing With the Stars so much. I don't know if it because of the glitzy clothes, ballroom dancing itself, the fact that they become so good so quickly, a combination of all of that, or because I'm living vicariously. I don't know why I like the show, but I do. During its season, I watch it every Monday and Tuesday evenings. If I have to, I will record it and watch it later. But, I'd rather not.

So, in 25 days, the new season will be upon us. They have announced the new contestants. Now, I'm not much of a celebrity fan. I won't be applauding one celebrity over another because of who they are. (So, I won't even mention here who they are.) As the season passes, I will start favoring a few -- because of how they dance and how they act. Their personality will probably sway me the most -- if they are any good, that is.

I seem to be alone around here in my love of this show, though. I usually watch it alone. I wish I had a group like Chatting At the Sky does for So You Think You Can Dance. How fun is that? So, if any of you readers live in my vicinity, maybe we can have a Dancing With the Stars party. Complete with party food. And fun. And laughing. Have I tempted anybody yet?

And maybe watching it with someone else will motivate me to actually vote!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


On August 4, my husband and I celebrated the 35th anniversary of our wedding. I know it sounds very cliche, but I just cannot be that old!!

We went to a small Italian restaurant across from our city park and had a nice dinner. The picture above was taken from outside looking in through an open window. Felt like we were eating in a garden or street cafe. (Sarah-Kate came downtown just to take our picture!)
It was a very low-key celebration. Especially for a milestone like 35. But, it was just fine and relaxed. For our 33rd, we went to Puerto Vallarta and for our 34th, we went on a cruise. So, we are more than even!
I cannot even imagine life not being married to this wonderful man. He is my knight in shining armor. He is my protector, my provider, and my prayer warrior. He makes me laugh. He shares my delights. And he almost always let me have my way! Who could ask for anything more?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ratatouille Outdoors

Friday night, we went to the movies with the Correas. Outside! At a local sports park. We all brought our blankets, chairs, and snacks and watched Ratatouille. On a big blow-up screen. How fun is that?

Well, we played around a little beforehand while waiting for it to get dark.

We enjoyed free popcorn, chocolate chip cookies baked by the Young Gourmet cooking school for children, and lots of cuddling.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Formalities and Refinements

"...she is the kind of girl who lacks all the formalities and refinements of life, and we have to do a little extra to make her understand. You know formalities are good things sometimes. They are like fences to keep intruders out and hedges to keep in the sacred and beautiful things of life."

Re-Creations, by Grace Livingston Hill, 1924

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My First Award!

I just received my first blog award! (I say first because I am sure I will get more......right?)

Seriously, I am very flattered. A recent new friend, Dawn, over at Dawn's Place, just awarded me this:

I'm really not sure what it's for......but I'm flattered anyway!

I did do a quick search to see if there was any background except brilliancy in blogging, and found that Michele over at With Heart and Hands did a in depth search. If you really want to know the validity of the award, go check her out. (Which is kind of funny because one of her points is that blog awards just get readers to link back, and here I am giving her some free advertising!)

I'm not sure I am going to tag anyone else. Not that I am not a good game player, but since I'm not sure about it all, I am going to refrain.

BUT, that does not mean I still do not appreciate the sentiment! Thank you, Dawn!

(Oh, by the way, I met Dawn through "Blog Around the World". See side bar logo.)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The House is Quiet

The house is quiet tonight. The Gombojavs have gone home. They went home a little earlier than I wanted (and planned), but their daddy missed them.

The house is quiet tonight. It is not filled with squeals of laughter or stifled giggles. It is not filled with children asking for a drink of water, string cheese, a granola bar, or a popsicle. It is not filled with urgent requests to go potty. It is not filled with the sound of running feet. It is not filled with the banging of the back door as children go outside to play and then back inside to get another toy or a brief rest out of the heat. It is not filled with the noise of hungry children filling the kitchen. It is not filled with Mommy, Papa, and Nana's voices telling children to be quiet and go to sleep.

It is also not filled with loads of hugs and sweet kisses. It is not filled with the dearest of sounds, children calling, "Nana!" It is not filled with the rocking of a baby to sleep. It is not filled with the watching of children playing in the playground made for them and for the pool bought with them in mind. It is not filled with the sweetness of sleeping children's faces.

Deep sigh.

Okay, to lift the mood of this post, I give you a sampling of Luc's (age 4) photography. I love giving the children freedom with my camera -- a luxury other generations of children didn't get (the cost of film and development totally prohibited that!). They see things from different viewpoints than we do. They see importance in things we do not. They see beauty that we often miss. Or don't even understand.
Enjoy. And feel free to ooh and ah.



Grandma's foot. Luc's feet.

Grandma and laundry

Fan was on. This thrilled him that he took the picture so fast!

Yes, that's a pig nose.



Good job, Luc!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Links #5

Supporting Our Boys Out There How to Help Our Men Fight the Real Battle (On the Home Front)

Hospitality with Littles "How do you get past the fear of having a not quite perfect home (not picked up) with three littles and still welcoming drop in friends?

Later Early sacrifice for later bounty.

That two people can find one another from all the people that wander the world , they find one another and the spark springs to life.

Let Them Come! It's interesting to see the hands lifted while singing "It's all about You, Jesus"...and yet look around and realize that the children have been whisked away so no one gets distracted. It's really all about me.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Concerts in the Park

Our town sponsors "Concerts in the Park" every Friday night during the summer. We've enjoyed several (pictures in this post are from two of those evenings) this summer. Our city park looks just like a park in the movies. Gazebo bandstand in the middle and all. Music for these concerts span the genres. Tonight was Big Band/Swing night.

Hundreds show up bringing their picnic dinners with them.

Daja "catered" ours. Of course, it was delicious!

There is a dance floor up front, but Daja and her partners danced around our picnic quilt!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

More Water!

I think this is my last post on the Gombojav children's visit. Oh, there will definitely be more pictures of them since they are here this week. But, this week they are here with their mother. Two weeks ago, they got to visit by themselves!

You know, I want to make this blog more than a picture album of my grandchildren. Really, I do. And every once in awhile, I do post something else, but I am such a Nana at heart, I just can't help myself! It is a journal of my life, you know!

So once summer is over, I will probably post something that will interest someone other than Papa and me, but for now, here's one more post.....I know he will enjoy it!

Waiting patiently with swim diaper on!

Just chillin'.

Papa and Co.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Day of Water

So, what are they looking at?

Even Grandpa joined in on the fun!

We had a great day at the beach. There weren't too many seals, but it was still interesting because the bulls are molting.

After seeing the seals, we went to the playground by the sea (no pictures), and then to play in the surf. No pictures of that, either, because I was too busy saying, "Come back! Don't go so far! Careful!" I finally gave up and said, "Let's go eat!"
Israel, especially, has no fear. He loved the ocean. Unfortunately, our shores are not swimmer-friendly.

When we got home, it was time for ice cream cones. Of course, they ate these outside! I saw how sticky their hands and faces were and how dirtly all those little feet were, so I brought out a bucket of water and a bunch of rags. I told them to wash their faces, their hands, and then their feet. They thought that was great fun. They then asked if they could wash something else. Sure, wash the playground tables and playhouse.

Wow! Did they ever go overboard! They washed every little (and big) thing in the playground. Then they asked for more water and went at it some more! By the time they came in -- way after dark -- that playground was probably spotless!!!

It was a fantastic day! Just ask Captain!

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